Meet the Brand Disrupting the $8B Perfume Industry

We wear Warby Parker glasses, sleep on Casper mattresses, and order Christmas gifts on Alexa. So why, in an era when we’re obsessed with online shopping, are we still purchasing all of our perfume in-store?

Most would argue that it’s because perfume is a big-ticket purchase, one that requires customers to find the ‘perfect scent’ before committing to a $100+ bottle that will presumedly take up counter space for the next few years…

However, the idea that we should be married to one ‘signature’ scent for our entire lives, or even for the next two years, isn’t resonating anymore.

That’s where Love, Sylvie comes in.

Love, Sylvie is the world’s first seasonal perfume brand, with an optional quarterly subscription model. Their business is simple: craft three unique, layerable scents in a seasonal ‘palette,’ ship four times per year. That’s twelve unique scents per year, when major perfume brands release one or two scents per year.

Winter 2018 Collection

The brand was founded on the idea that perfume should be an accessory, like lipstick or jewelry, meant to change for different occasions.

This Winter, Love, Sylvie released three scents in its very first collection: YULE, NOE, and ADAIR. YULE is a crisp pine and frankincense scent, perfect for a winter hike or ice skating. NOE is a deep, rich vanilla with mediterranean blood orange, meant for warm family gatherings and cozy nights in front of the fireplace. ADAIR is an elegant, sexy mix of winter berries and night-blooming jasmine, to be worn to that New Years Eve gala or holiday party.

Together, the collection is crafted so that scents can be layered to create something unique. Love the crispness of YULE but crave something more feminine? No problem. Two sprays of YULE plus one of ADAIR is all it takes to create the perfect scent.

Winter 2018 features three scents: YULE, NOE, and ADAIR.

Each one of these adorable 8mL perfumes lasts approximately 5 weeks, and can easily be slipped into clutch or back pocket. With heavy use of 3–4 sprays per day, each seasonal palette of three 8mL perfumes lasts close to 4 months, meaning that you have plenty leftover when the next collection arrives to ease into the oncoming season.

What’s better, is that Love, Sylvie consciously crafts perfume with their customer and environment in mind. Their perfume is free of harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates, crafted with organic sugar cane alcohol, and cruelty-free.

Love, Sylvie is free of harsh chemicals and made with organic sugar cane alcohol

Clear off your countertops! Love, Sylvie is on a mission to make large, bulky bottles of perfume a thing of the past. That’s one thing we can all be thankful for this holiday season.