Love, Sylvie Pre-Orders Now Available

October 30, 2018 - Love, Sylvie will now be accepting pre-orders for their Winter 2018 Perfume Collection on their website. Love, Sylvie is a startup offering seasonal perfume palettes with an optional subscription. Orders ship November 20th, just in time for the holidays. The Winter 2018 Collection features three festive scents: YULE, NOE, and ADAIR. Perfumes can be worn separately or layered to create something unique.

YULE is an herbaceous scent which captures the feeling of walking through a pine forest in the crisp, cool winter. With hints of pine, fresh citrus, sandalwood, and white musk, YULE is sure to evoke the crispness of winter air.

NOE is a spicy, sexy vanilla accord with hints of Mediterranean blood orange to draw you in and open your imagination. Perfectly paired mulled cider in front of the fireplace, NOE captures the warmth and richness of winter.

ADAIR is a deep, rich sensual fragrance and ode to all things feminine. With top notes of winter berries, plus hints of rose, this eau de parfum is based on a luscious accord laid on a bed of velvety amber and white patchouli. ADAIR is perfect for that special night out this holiday season.

A one-time collection is $50, but users can subscribe to receive a new collection every three months for $40. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. Free shipping. Available in the 48 contiguous United States. You can secure yours now before November 20th here.

About Love Sylvie

Love, Sylvie was founded by Kristen Dumbeck in 2017. She found that she had many different shades of lipstick to match different occasions, but only one perfume. She began her journey to create the perfect perfume - clean ingredients, travel-friendly, delivered straight to your door seasonally. Love, Sylvie's mission is to turn perfume into a fashion accessory, revolutionizing the way we think about perfume.

All Love, Sylvie perfumes are free of parabens, phthalates, and preservatives. Love, Sylvie perfumes are crafted with organic sugar cane alcohol and 100% vegan.

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